Nichi Nichi Akitsu Yamada Nishiki / 日日 秋津山田錦

Medium-dry, refreshing, umami, and well-balanced.
Slight effervescent, opulent umami, fresh fruit and floral notes, and clean-finish.

Size: 720ml
Brewery: Nichi Nichi Jozo, Kyoto
ABV: 13%
Rice: 100% Akitsu Yamadanishiki
Polish Rate: n/a
Production Method: Kimoto, Namachozo.
Food Pairing: Good with a wide range of Japanese Cuisine, Sushi/Sashimi, Kaiseki Cuisine, Kappō Cuisine, or Monk’s Vegan Cuisine.

We started with “Nichi Nichi Yamadanishiki”, and finally “Nichi Nichi Akitsu Yamada Nishiki” is released.

This bottle is produced by using Yamada Nishiki from the special Akitsu area (Saido Village, Tsuneda Village, Furuya Village) in the former Tojo Town, Hyogo Prefecture. The terroir is slanted with large difference of temperature between day and night. It is the highest area of the area known as some of the country’s best of the best Yamadanishiki. It boasts the most ideal topography, expressing a powerful flavor and umami that can only be born here.