Koueigiku Hello! Koueigiku Aiyama Muroka Nama Genshu / 光栄菊 ハロー!コウエイギク 愛山 うすにごり 無濾過生原酒

Slightly effervescent, aromatic, clean & long finish.
Notes of pear, banana, with spices and woods.

Size: 720ml
Brewery: Koueigiku Shuzo, Saga Prefecture
ABV: 15%
Rice: 100% Aiyama
Polish Rate: n/a
Production Method: Muroka Nama Genshu.
Food Pairing: Japanese and European cuisines.

This is a special bottle brewed in the hope that it will help people learn about our brewery. We dare not disclose the detailed specifications. Please enjoy it freely according to your own sensibilities.