Aramasa Private Lab Amagaeru Spark (11th Gen)

Gorgeous aroma, refreshing sweetness, fine texture. Gentle sweet and sour, umami.
Japan's rare sake.
Japanese pear, lychee, green apple, Shine muscat grape, pineapple.

Size: 720ml
Type: Namazake
Brewery: Aramasa Shuzo
ABV: Below 9%
Raw Rice: Sake Komachi
Polish Rate: 55% Koji Rice, 60% Kakemai
Food Pairing: Can enjoy by itself as an aperitif, cheese, lightly sweet fruits such as fig, etc.

“Amagaeru” is a low-alcohol sparkling sake with an alcohol concentration of 10% or less and a slightly cloudy texture. Because it is a “secondary fermented sake in the bottle”, alcoholic fermentation tends to proceed with surviving yeast, and there is a risk that the internal pressure will increase more than expected. For this reason, not only is it stored in the brewery, but it is also strictly managed at stores that handle it at minus 5 degrees Celsius or less. It can be said that it is the ultimate maniac sake that is not recommended for beginners because it is carefully managed after purchase. In general, this type of low-alcohol sake tends to be made by industrial methods, but of course, Araramsa’s uniquely designed ‘Amagaeru’ is made from lactic acid for brewing, just like all of Aramasa’s other works. No unnecessary additives such as enzyme agents, inorganic salts, etc. are used, and it is brewed using traditional manufacturing methods. Due to the extremely difficult manufacturing process, this work will only be released in small quantities from May to July.