The Rising Sun: Wagyumafia in Bangkok

For the first time, the ever-so theatrical Wagyumafia graced Bangkok. The event was at Morimoto Bangkok, situated in the heart of the city on Sathorn Road.

The event featured chef Hamada, who was the chef and co-founder of the brand Wagyumafia, the name that was synonymous to dramatic style, Wagyu Sando, and high quality wagyu. 2 heads of Kobe Champion Wagyu A5 were imported, the best that ever been imported to the Kingdom of Thailand. Different parts were made to showcase the texture, flavor, craftsmanship, and style of the name “Wagyumafia”.

One highlight of the event was the Wagyu Sando, which was made using Champion Wagyu A5’s tenderloin and chateaubriand. At the time of the event, Wagyu Sando was a thing of Japan, and no restaurant was able to produce a quality simple beef sando that can wow the diners. It was arguably the best Wagyu Sando or Beef Sando that ever graced Bangkok at the time.

Event: The Rising Sun: Wagyumafia in Bangkok
Location: Morimoto Bangkok, Mahanakorn
Featured Chef: Chef Hamada, Co-founder of Wagyumafia Japan
Date: 21st – 24th December 2017
Course price: 15,000++ THB / person

Featured Beverages: Cocktails by World’s renown mixologist Shingo Gokan