Sushiyoshi (**) in Bangkok

Back in 2018, when the number of Omakase sushi restaurants in Bangkok were only a handful, fewer than 10 shops, we were the first to pioneer an event that featured a two Michelin-starred chef, Hiroki Nakanoue of Sushiyoshi Osaka in Thailand at Sushiniwa. The event unrolled over a span of 13 days, featuring premium ingredients, such as Kuro Awabi, Hadate Uni, N25 caviar, Matsutake, black truffles, and more. The event was one of the most successful events that ever happened in Bangkok; the entire event tickets were sold out 1 month prior to the event’s date, with a long waitlist.

The course displayed how each premium ingredients can be crafted in several different beautiful dishes and pieces. Sushiyoshi’s Nakaoue san is known for creativity and his unique sushi style, fusing several other cuisines together with traditional Edomae sushi preparations techniques. Clients were both intrigued by the traditional flavor, as well as the modern touches that were inspired by modern French, as well as other fine touches from India, Hong Kong, and even Thai.

Event: Sushiyoshi in Bangkok
Location: Sushi Niwa, Bangkok.
Featured Chef: Hiroki Nakanoue of Sushiyoshi (**), Osaka.
Date: 25th August – 9th September 2018
Course price: 12,000++ THB / person.

Featured Sake: Juyondai, Mimurosugi, Hoken, Ran, and more.