Sushi Examination (I/II/III/IV)

This was an event that we wanted to make happen in Bangkok’s culinary scene for a long time. For a sushi connoisseur, like our company’s founder Khun Thanabhisiitt Durongjeerapat, he dreamed of learning about the differences of Japanese high-quality ingredients through experience. So when he had such an opportunity, he curated this event with Chef Sasada of Morimoto without hesitance.

The event featured comparisons of top Japanese ingredients , such as Awabi, Uni, Maguro, Wasabi, strawberries, and more. Each of the ingredient type, a selection of 3 sources or more were picked for a side-by-side comparison. For Uni, 6-7 world class brands or top-number auctioned boxes were offered to compare. For many sushi enthusiasts, this experience of sampling Uni of such high quality side-by-side, were one-of-a-kind and couldn’t be found else where at all. Overall, it was an event that sparked inspirations for others, including elite chefs and restaurants in Bangkok, as well as an event that educated elite diners like no others. This was an event that was fun and one that we were proud of. The event continued for the next three seasons, featuring premium seasonal ingredients of each season.

Event: Sushi Examination (I/II/III/IV)
Location: Morimoto Bangkok, Mahanakorn
Featured Chef: Chef Tomoki Sasada
Curator: Mr. Thanabhisitt Durongjeerapat
Date: Winter 2017 – Fall 2018
Course price: 10,000++ THB / person

Featured Beverages: Premium Sake by Morimoto