“Simple Burger” by Taiki X 137 Pillars

It is never simple when we say “Simple Burger”, and especially from Taiki who is known to make the most “neat” burger in town. Taiki became famous for his particular and exact style of burger at Homeburg, where his burger contents, by several country’s top-tier influencers, became viral over days, garnered over 10 million views in a month.

Taiki’s burger is beautiful, and at the same time full of Taiki’s passion and the exactness in each of its process. For this event, Taiki had to create a new burger to pair with French red wine. He made a special sauce recipe that utilize red wine, an ingredient Taiki has never used in his burger, and incorporated in his new burger. Chef Maxim of 137 Pillars also created a unique piece of macaron that incorporated French red wine, together with “Ma Kwan”, a local Thai spice that resemble a mix of pepper and Chinese Ma-lah.

Event: “Simple Burger” by Taiki X 137 Pillars
Location: 137 Pillars Bangkok
Date: 27 September 2020
Course price: 1,990++ THB / person
Beverage: French red wine.