Kyoto, Japan

On December 31, 2020, Hidehiko Matsumoto and his father departed from their beloved establishment, Matsumoto Sake Brewery. Matsumoto shared, "It was the first time I had distanced myself from the winter sake brewing season since my involvement in this craft. It felt like a never-ending nightmare." Yet, sadly, he remained trapped in that unsettling dream. Mr. Matsumoto faced the harsh reality of losing everything. Over the next few years, one could only imagine the arduous journey required to rebuild from such a devastating setback. He looked deep within himself during this period of loss, confronting profound questions about his purpose and identity. "What do I truly desire? Who am I?" The resolute answer he discovered was his passion for sake-making. He longed to live as a dedicated sake craftsman, unburdened by fear and steadfast in his pursuit. These are the unwavering words of Hidehiko Matsumoto, the Founder, Brewmaster, and Owner of Nichi Nichi, a testament to the human spirit's resilience and the allure of a renewed journey.