Saga, Japan

Nestled in Mikazuki-cho, Ogi City, within the picturesque Saga Prefecture, Kouegiku Sake Brewery boasts a storied history spanning 150 years. After temporarily closing its doors in 2006, the brewery embarked on a remarkable journey of revival and transformation, culminating in its triumphant reopening in 2019 under new management. This rebirth was not without its trials, as the brewery faced the formidable challenge of a devastating heavy rain disaster in August of that same year. However, Kouegiku Brewery displayed remarkable resilience and determination, emerging from the ordeal stronger than ever. In December 2019, Kouegiku Brewery captured the attention and admiration of sake enthusiasts far and wide. They reintroduced their iconic sake under the revered Kouegiku brand, once a beloved staple in the region. The response was nothing short of remarkable, as their newly released sake promptly sold out, reigniting the legacy of Kouegiku and reaffirming its significance in the hearts of the local community. This extraordinary journey not only showcases the brewery's unwavering commitment but also serves as a testament to its enduring place in Saga Prefecture's rich sake-making tradition.