Tochigi, Japan

Founded in 1872 (Meiji 5), Kobayashi Brewery produces approximately 1,200 koku, representative of the brand “Houou Biden 鳳凰美田”. The name of the sake comes from the fact that the brewery was located in "Mita Village 美田村", a high-quality rice producing region blessed with abundant underground water from the Nikko Mountains. Houou Biden uses either the “Fune Shibori” or “Shizuku Shibori” methods. Most of the sake is squeezed using the same method as Daiginjo, called “Shizuku Shibori”, and it has the atmosphere of Daiginjo in terms of taste and aroma. There are many aspects of these Ginjo-type sake that cannot be automated, and the result is often higher quality sake that is actually made by hand.