Akita, Japan

Aramasa Shuzo (Aramasa brewery) was founded in 1852. Its philosophy today is to produce sake with sake rice grown in its own terrior of Akita Prefecture, and using only "Kyokai No. 6" (No. 6 yeast), which was discovered and collected at Aramasa brewery. Aramasa Brewery also actively engaged in brewing in wooden vats, which are made of cedar planks and tightened with a bamboo hoop. Wooden vats are made of natural materials, and even after washing, microorganisms remain in the small pores on the surface and in the gaps between the parts. Therefore, the brewing process that makes the most use of natural life activities. In pursuit of an organic connection between the natural ecosystem, agriculture, and brewing, the cultivation of sake rice that does not rely on pesticides or scientific fertilizers has also begun. Aramasa Brewery continues to take on various challenges in pursuit of the true sake, while respecting the regional characters of the region.